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Electric Mirror - Fusion Lighted Mirror

Electric Mirror® is the global leader in Lighted Mirrors and Mirror TV Technology™. We have been serving the hospitality and residential industries for over fifteen years with product lines that include modern Lighted Mirrors, Mirror TVs, Waterproof TVs, Mirrored Cabinets, Corridor Lighting, and Makeup Mirrors. Electric Mirror’s presence in the luxury hotel industry is known throughout the design community as simply unsurpassed.

Product Availability : 3-4 weeks

Size : 24" x 28", 28" x 36", 36" x 36"
Options : TV, Vive Technology, Bose Speakers, Defogger


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Fusion Lighted Mirror


The Fusion Lighted Mirror by Electric Mirror embodies modern innovation, clean lines, and efficient natural lighting. Add Electric Mirror’s newest invention, Energy Lite™, which provides the same light output but uses half the electricity! Energy Lite™ saves the environment while saving money. Fusion™ comes in six standard sizes, and custom sizing. Featured upgrades include TV Choices, Defogger, Nightlight, Vive™, Keen™, or LED Lighting.


E-Life™–8 Years extended lamp replacement cycle
Natural light color ideal for makeup application
Wall Glow
HardCoat™ anti-corrosion mirror treatment
Environmentally sustainable and energy efficient
Proudly made in the USA


Model #: FUS2428 - 24″ W x 28″ H, 610mm x 711mm
Model #: FUS2836 - 28″ W x 36″ H, 711mm x 914mm
Model #: FUS3636 - 36″ W x 36″ H, 914mm x 914mm


Tested to UL/UL-C 1598 including section 16.23 (adhesive support test)
International Certifications
Safety backed mirror

Featured Optional Upgrades

Bathroom Mirror TVs

Our TVs are the brightest and thinnest high-definition screens available, and they are quick and easy-to-install. Using our V-Mirror technology, choose to have a fully vanishing TV that cannot be seen when the TV is off. V-Mirror technology also offers the highest brightness of any Mirror TV in the industry, letting 95% of light through the TV. (Most of our competitors only allow 20% of light entering through their TV mirrors, which lowers the overall quality of the TV image.)

– 16.7 Million Colors
– LED Backlight
– 16:9 True Wide Screen Ratio
– 15.6″ TVs standard in Bathroom TV models
– Upgrade to a 21.5″ TV

Vive Technology
Bluetooth Enabled Smart Mirror

Electric Mirror continues its industry-leading innovation by introducing Vive™, the first and only Bluetooth® enabled smart ready mirror. Vive is simple and easy to use and transforms any of our products into a wireless stereo system. It is the perfect way to create a streaming audio experience in any space with just a touch. Connect any Bluetooth smart ready device, such as a smart phone or tablet to Vive, and your hotel bathroom or guest room is revolutionized!

Vive is part of the SmartMirror™ family of innovative mirrors made by Electric Mirror.

       Smart Phone to Mirror Pairing is Easy
       Saves Valuable Countertop Space – No Docking Station Needed
       Keep Your Phone with You
       Use Your Phone While it is Paired
       Totally Unique
       Premium Sound

Lighting Technology

Electric Mirror carefully selects our lamps to compliment your space with brightness. We offer the most advanced and innovative lamp and lighting solutions in the industry. Our in-house lighting designers have created unique elements to add to our Lighted Mirrors. Each of our products is carefully tested before it leaves our facility.

Mirror Defoggers

Electric Mirror Defoggers can be integrated into any of our products to create the simple luxury of a fog free mirror. When activated, the electrical heating unit warms the bathroom mirror and eliminates all condensation and creates clear visibility. Guests no longer have to wait for their bathroom mirror to clear or use a towel to wipe off condensation.

Defogger Sizes

10″W x 10″H
10″W x 20″H
20″W x 10″H
20″W x 20″H
40″W x 20″H