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Electric Mirror - Visionary Mirrored Cabinet w/ TV

The Visionary Mirrored Cabinet moves beyond the extraordinary by combining perfect vertical LED lighting with an ultra-thin 15" HDTV.

Product Availability : 3-4 weeks

Size : 23.25" x 40"
Door Opening : Hinge on left, hinge on right
Options : Surface mount mirror side kit, ganging kit, bose speaker system


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Visionary Mirrored Cabinet


The Visionary Mirrored Cabinet by Electric Mirror has a truly a modern look that combines style and technology. The side panels of LED lighting combined with 15.4” HD TV brings you everything in one package. Visionary™ has a matte silver finish, four adjustable shelves, is tested to UL/U-C 962 standards, and has three options – left or right hinges, recessed or surface mounting, and a ganging kit for side-by-side Mirrored Cabinets.


15.4" LED HDTV and integrated audio
High power 50,000 hour energy efficient LED lighting
Defogger (10.5" x 10.5") with internal switch
Sleek 3/4" door (mirrored on both sides)
Four adjustable glass shelves
Exceptional mirror reflectivity
Matte silver aluminum cabinet body
HardCoat™ anti-corrosion mirror treatment
Interior 20 Amp, 120 VAC GFCI receptacle with two outlets
Rust resistant anodixed aluminum chassis construction
Natural light color – Ideal for makeup application
Power buttons defogger and light
Dimmable – Separate wall control required
IR Control


15.4" LED HDTV integrated into mirror door
Spectrum Technology provided reflective surface with TV is off
GlassWaves audio integrated into mirror door
720P, 1080i, 16:9 widescreen ratio
Waterproof buoyant remote included
HDMI and RF input
Ideal 10 watt per channel integrated amplification 

Spectrum Mirrors, provide the best reflective mirror surface available, which is ideal for make-up application and preparing for the day. This makes Spectrum Mirror the recommended mirror technology for bathroom installations. The TV brightness is very high, and the TV image is camouflaged when the TV is off, leaving only a light grey image where the TV is located.

Bose Ceiling Speakers (optional): Electric Mirror offers the Bose Ceiling Speakers as an upgrade option for any Mirror TV product. Bose Ceiling Speakers, combined with out ideally amplified Mirror TV products, create a premuim sound experience. This upgrade is available in a white finish to blend in with your ceiling perfectly.

GlassWaves Speakers (included): Transforms the mirror into a sound system by creating tiny, undectable vibrations in the glass.


Model # VIS2340 - 23.25″ W x 40″ H x 4″ D, 591mm x 1,016mm x 102mm


Tested to UL/U-C 962
LED Mercury-free environmentally sustainable TV back lighting
Designed for humid environments
FCC Compliant

15.4" Television w/ spectrum
Dimmable LED Driver

Options Available:
Surface Mount Mirror Side Kit
Gnaging Kit - for installation of side by side cabinets
Bose Ceiling Speakers