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Pierdeco Design Shower Column PD-890-S AquaMassage

Shower Column | Panel

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Color : Stainless Steel, Black with stainless steel


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This stainless steel thermostatic waterfall shower column is offered in two versions,

brush stainless steel (SS) and
matt black stainless steel (BKSS).

Original effect on this model, when the shower head fonction is activated, it is illuminated by the chromotherapy Led lights, which diffuses an intense and brilliant blue light. You don't need to be connect, the light is produced by a generative turbine of electricity

includes :

Adjustable chrome plated solid brass anti-scale body jets (6)
Stainless steel rainfall shower head with flexible anti-scale jets
Chrome plated solid brass hand held shower
Chrome plated solid brass shut-off control valves (4)
Thermostatic temperature control valve to settle the temperature.